Poison Prevention Tips That Will Keep Your Pup Out of a ‘Ruff’ Spot

March was National Poison Prevention Month, with that in mind we have several things you should keep out of reach of your pet pal. It’s common knowledge that chocolate and grapes are toxic for our furry friends, but salty food can be damaging as well causing excessive thirst, urination, and even sodium poisoning. Did you know that common household cleaners and plants can be harmful to your pet too? Household cleaners such as simple bars of soap and face wash contain detergents that when ingested cause gastrointestinal irritation in our pet pals. Plants can be a great way to decorate but ingesting aloe vera, American holly, and tulips can cause a variety of symptoms such as vomiting, tremors, diarrhea, and convulsions in your pet. Make sure you not only keep a close eye on your pet but prevent what they can reach that is potentially poisonous as well.

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