Our Mission

To redefine the pet tech industry and bring a truly comprehensive approach to bettering the health and lives of pets and their owners.

Development Story

Anyone who has experienced the empty feelings, the despair, the loss and loneliness of having a dog or cat run away or get lost, has certainly had thoughts in their minds about how and what you can do to make sure that never happens again to your fur baby.

That’s exactly how the concept of Furtrieve was started. Our founder had one horrible evening where their best furry friend got loose and in an instant, was gone. And while most of probably thought conventionally about making sure we have better latches on fence doors, a better system for answering the door when the doorbell rings, or installing underground pet fencing in our yards. But that’s where our futuristic thinking founder began thinking a little differently.

The initial solution was a GPS tracking device with a speaker on it, so you can not only track your dog, but also speak to your dog to give it commands. After researching options already on the market, and learning more about how the microchip works (and doesn’t track your pets), the blueprint for the most dynamic and revolutionary tracking device started to unfold.

As the need for keeping our pets safe evolves, so does Furtrieve. Two new devices, Furtrieve+ and Purrtrieve, hit the market in 2022. And recognizing the power of groups of family and friends, Furtrieve Community also launches in 2022.

We are proud to provide products and services to help keep our furry loved ones safe, while building a Community to support one another.