Top 5 Amazing Features of Furtrieve


Top 5 Amazing Features of Furtrieve

Furtrieve combines the latest technology with a collar to make pet tracking easier than ever. These five features of the Furtrieve device help to ensure that your best friend is always happy, healthy, and secure.


1. GPS Tracking with street view

Finding your pet is as simple as a few button pushes. Furtrieve’s tracking system uses Street View to shows your pet’s exact location at any time anywhere.


2. TWO way communication

If your furry companion is lost, hit the “Call My Pet” button within the app to calm your pet and talk to anyone that’s found them. Pets respond to their owners voices (this can help with alleviating anxiety) and quickly get in communication with whoever finds your pet.


3. activity and history tracking

Furtrieve can also monitor your pet’s activity. With Furtrieve’s history tracking feature, you will be able to see everywhere your pet has gone over the past 6 months.


4. Mobile virtual fence

Our Mobile Virtual Fence technology allows you to create a boundary anywhere. The moment your pet wanders outside the boundary you set, you will receive an alert allowing you to respond quickly.


5. Crowd-notify

Use the Crowd-Notify feature to immediately notify friends, neighbors, and family of your lost pet. They will receive a text with a map link and will become part of a group chat dedicated to the retrieval of your pet.


The American Humane Association reports that 10 million dogs and cats are lost in the United States every year. Prevent your pet from being lost by giving your pet Furtrieve. Furtrieve’s pet tracking, communication, and group notify options ensures peace of mind for you and your four-legged friend.